This is an open diary, all work is work in progress. Keep living, keep experimenting, keep growing..

On my way to becoming a bio/travel/product hacker, lover of experiments:

Meditated 120 hours in 10 days. Lived and traveled to 16 countries in one year with a 21L backpack. Sent dramatic postcards from North Korea to the US. Dissatisfied with current higher education, interviewed about 100 people that took alternative paths. Got denied entry by the Heathrow customs, successfully "escaped," and speed-walked London for an hour. Organized a 12,000 person tech festival in Shanghai's largest venue. Lived and worked in China, the US, Singapore. Slept on 15 stranger's couch. Did 75 pushups in one sitting. Gave a 200-pound person a piggy back ride.


Learning blockchain in the open...