Weekly Progress Report: 04/03-04/07
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Weekly Progress Report: 04/03-04/07

06 Apr Weekly Progress Report: 04/03-04/07

Tuesday (4/4)

  • Today I worked on a speech draft for a 2 min pitch for an investor panel. It’s a bad habit to do this at the last minute, as the pitch is the day after. Despite the content being minimal, it’s hard to eliminate what’s the “fluff” and focus on the real stuff, for me personally. I learned my lessons.

Thursday (4/6)

  • Today I worked on completing more for my client on her website in class. A major problem she has is the pictures on the website. Her complaint being that parts of the pictures keep getting cut off, and she wants me to check the pictures all over again. In addition, I emailed my potential college about some questions and concerns I have, with the hope to include the answers in my blog.

Main Accomplishments

  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Mentor Assessment #3

Upcoming Goals

  • Exceeding in the Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Mentor Assessment #4

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