Weekly Progress Report: 03/27-03/31
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Weekly Progress Report: 03/27-03/31

31 Mar Weekly Progress Report: 03/27-03/31

Monday (3/27)

  • Today I worked on completing an essay on “How small business ownership (personal, parent, grandparent, or legal guardian) has shaped you into the person you are today.” This is a good time to reflect back on my progress and my future goals.

Wednesday (3/23)

  • Today I worked on compiling the scholarship calendar for the month of April. I have 6 more coming up and I need to email the recommenders for some of them. I also messaged almost 30 people on LinkedIn looking for business connections.

Friday (3/31)

  •  Today I worked on completing my Mentor Assessment #3.  In the assessment, Jon and I discussed more college options. I told him about my new offer from Watson University in Boulder, Co. Watson University is an incredibly unique program for students with the primary focus on becoming social entrepreneurs. Essentially, it’s a degree-granting incubator where you study for two years and earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Entrepreneurship degree because of its partnership with another private university. Students come from all over the world to focus on developing their social ventures, with an end goal to create a positive impact on providing solutions to some of the most challenging society’s problems. I compiled Jon’s response to this college.

Main Accomplishments

  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Mentor Assessment #3

Upcoming Goals

  • Mentor Assessment #4
  • Written Assessment of O.W. Product Progress
  • Overall Effort/Progress (ISM Project & Goals)

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