Weekly Progress Report: 03/20-03/24
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Weekly Progress Report: 03/20-03/24

26 Mar Weekly Progress Report: 03/20-03/24

Tuesday (3/21)

  • Today I worked on completing my Product Proposal & Calendar. It is my intention to create multiple websites as my final product for their organizations in the month of May, and to be debuted at Final Presentation Night. I will be assuming the role of a web developer, designing, managing, and maintaining the front-end and the backend of websites of my mentor/client/volunteering organization, while learning the process of how business organizations work and how solopreneurs can succeed in delivering products and communicating with clients.

Thursday (3/23)

  • Today I went to my mentorship meeting early during class. In the mentorship, I discussed three things with Jon. Bootstrapping a startup from beginning to end (from the business perspective of funding to finding and employing tech specialists), my product proposal, and Frisco development. Although what we talked about was incredibly insightful and useful, I am left with more indecisions about attending to the colleges that I have currently, as I see more and more factors that need to be considered for each option.

Main Accomplishments

  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Product Proposal & Calendar

Upcoming Goals

  • Exceeding in the Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Mentor Assessment #3

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