Weekly Progress Report: 02/13-02/17
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Weekly Progress Report: 02/13-02/17

17 Feb Weekly Progress Report: 02/13-02/17

Monday (2/13)

  • Today I presented my ISM SMART goals presentation. Overall, I relied heavily on reading the script, but it turned out better than I thought as I discussed topics relevant to this presentation. This includes talking about the interviews I have had with professionals in the field of tech entrepreneurship and what I learned from them, my internship experience and tasks at Osky Blue, my exact Original Work proposal, and my quantifiable SMART goals for the rest of the semester.
  • Some things I can improve on include using fewer filler words, making more steady eye contact, eliminating my excessive body movement of swaying and hand gestures, and enunciating my words clearer as I need to slow down sometimes. In general, I could watch videos of politicians or people with great public speaking skills to observe what they do to present themselves. Moreover, I should record my speeches and analyze my movements afterward. Also, my mentor told me that he will practice public speaking with me and give me pointers as he is a great presenter.
  • Other than that, my powerpoint is on point as usual, with professional graphics that are related to my topic.
  • Overall I liked my content. However, I am not as satisfied with controlling the way I speak and I believe I lack the mindfulness to keep a full composure of myself. There are also some more preparations that I could have done to make the speech overall more fluid and rely less on reading off the scripts.

Wednesday (2/15)

  • Today I worked on my project for the HOSA competition. I was very tired and didn’t have much progress.
  • In addition, I worked on the majority of my Evidence of Learning assignment today, after completing the internship, which I helped a client to edit and reformat her blog posts.

Friday (2/17)

  • Today I am exhausted from the lack of sleep and busy schedule in the past five days. Every day I would get back home anywhere from 8 to 9 pm, while I go to sleep around 12 to 1 am and wake up at 6:30 am. This is due to my mentorship, internship, and lab activities. I also have the HOSA competition today which I will stay school until 9 pm.
  • I finally sent out the email to my mentor asking for the Mentor Evaluation form to be completed. I should have sent this out a week in advance to give my mentor enough time, however, I lost track of this due to the hectic schedule of this week. Honestly, I don’t have the willpower to think anymore this week and just hope to get more sleep.

Main Accomplishments

  • SMART Goals Presentation
  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Networking at Osky Blue’s ribbon-cutting event
  • Completing the Evidence of Learning assignment

Upcoming Goals

  • Signing Mentor Log
  • Exceeding in the Internship and Mentorship Meetings
  • Finishing this 6th week strong

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