Weekly Progress Report: 02/06-02/10
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Weekly Progress Report: 02/06-02/10

10 Feb Weekly Progress Report: 02/06-02/10

Tuesday (2/7)

  • Today two students presented their SMART Goals Presentation. Overall, they did quite well with their powerpoint (simple, modern, easy to read) and were fluid in their speech. They had distinctive presentation style as one had a calm and composed presence and the other one had an enthusiastic attitude. Something they could improve is their body posture by standing up tall with less swaying movement. Also, something rather meticulous they can work on is to control their voice (have more emphasis and passion on certain points and less on the others). These can also be applied to my presentation on the upcoming Monday.
  • I also was able to have a guideline and idea for my presentation, which should include the following elements: people that I interviewed and what I learned from them, challenges I faced, topics learned and my progress, the particular original work I create, and my overall SMART goals with a quote.

Thursday (2/9)

  • Today four students presented their SMART Goals Presentation. Overall their topic and experiences were absorbing and engaging. Something they can work on is: having a stronger opening, stop swaying, being certain of is said (without hesitation), and don’t look back at the powerpoint so much (instead, focus on the audience). After observing these six students, the three central focuses I should be aware of and make improvements on my presentation are: having a strong opening with enthusiasm, having smooth transitions with slides, and keeping a calm composure overall all with limited body movement/hand gestures.

Main Accomplishments

  • Internship: Editorial Calendars
  • Outlining the SMART Goals Presentation

Upcoming Goals

  • SMART Goals Presentation
  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings: taking on bigger projects (e.g. Frisco Style Magazine)

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