Weekly Progress Report: 01/30-02/03
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Weekly Progress Report: 01/30-02/03

05 Feb Weekly Progress Report: 01/30-02/03

Monday (1/30)

  • Today I compiled the list of scholarships for the upcoming month of February. I created an excel document to record the scholarship name, its due date, and its requirements (essays topics and recommendation letters). Further, I was able to eliminate the scholarships that I am not eligible for, and I came up with a list of a total of 10 scholarships waiting to be completed for this month.
  • Scholarship applications are related to my ISM career as the essays it requires allows me to reflect on my accomplishments in the past and devise my goals for the future.

Wednesday (2/1)

  • Today I worked on my evidence of learning assignment and organized the list of activities I’ve done in my mentorship/internship.
  • I also sent out emails to my recommenders of scholarships for their deadline to submit the letter.

Friday (2/3)

  • Today I worked on writing the scholarship essays for Jimmy Rane. This scholarship has unique essays that asks for “where and what period do you want to travel back in time” and “what are the three items that can represent your background.”; I drafted the latter during class.
  • Further, I spoke to one of my fellow ISMers who is having a hard time finding a mentor. I want to help her to reach more professionals in her desired field using my connections.

Main Accomplishments

  • Internship Assignments
  • Writing Essays

Upcoming Goals

  • SMART Goals Presentation
  • Internship and Mentorship Meetings

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