Weekly Progress Report: 01/02-01/06
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Weekly Progress Report: 01/02-01/06

05 Jan Weekly Progress Report: 01/02-01/06

Tuesday (1/03)

  • Today we went over the standards and expectations of the Original Work Presentation. One requirement that worries me is the length of the presentation, as the requirement is between 8 to 10 minutes, which is longer than what I would normally present. I have put this task on my to-do list as it is something that needs to be well-thought out about.


Thursday (1/05)

  • Today we went over four student’s Original Work Presentation. What stood out to me was despite the time the students had, they were all very prepared and fluent in their speech. Their presentations were also quite professional and easy to follow, signaling progress that we’ve come through since the beginning of the year. A potential opportunity for collaboration between me and another ISM student is Lindsay from 1B, as she’s working on building a website for her dentistry ambitions.
  • Mr. Pirtle also checked the portfolio that we were supposed to finish and bring, however, due to lack of planning, I was not mindful of the due date for this project and therefore will finish it as a late grade.


Main Accomplishments

  • Getting ready for the Winter Showcase (portfolio).
  • Started my internship with Osky Blue and did competitor analysis of web designs and content.


Upcoming Goals

  • Finalize display board and portfolio.
  • Be prepared for the Original Work Presentation.
  • Succeed in my internship with Osky Blue by learning about social media marketing and provide value to the organization for later client work.

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