After I made the big decision about not applying to any traditional four year college, my mindset changed consciously or unconsciously. I was able to gradually accept on what was pressuring me before, such as GPAs and others’ irrelevant opinions. None of it matters now. The decision somehow provided me a guideline of what’s important and what’s not, so I suddenly was able to think more freely and boldly.

There I developed a different approach on planning my schedule.

Before I had schedules like this:

  • Do homework 1700 to 1930
  • Work on website 2030 to 2130
  • Read from 2200 to 2330
  • Sleep by 2430

The pretty plan was almost always never taken to execution.

But now, I do something like this:

  • STOP doing homework by 1800
  • STOP making my site by 2000
  • STOP blogging by 2145
  • STOP reading by 2300
  • STOP everything and anything by 2330

As a result, I was able to force myself to finish something by that day or else it would only have be done by the next morning. (It only works if you don’t give yourself any excuses to extend the time) Another bonus is that I am on track of paying off my debt, my sleeping debt that I borrowed and had snowballed on me a long time ago.

Done is better than perfect.

Now I am on my way to learn more relevant things, do more of what matters to me, and setting no regrets for my future self. You’re welcome.