This week, my family and I went to Disney World in Orlando. We were lucky that two of our family members were long-term employees working there, so they brought us in as their guests free of charge (Hence this is why I feel less guilty at playing Pokemon Go instead of enjoying the park).

And boy, did they have Pokestops and Pokemon at the park.


Screenshot_20160725-095611 Screenshot_20160725-152743 Screenshot_20160727-102804 Screenshot_20160727-202020

The good news was that I caught 3 three dratinis and hatched a dozen of eggs.

The bad news was that I transferred most of my Pidgeys before I realized the “Pidgey Farming” technique (evolve Pidgeys, Rattatas, Weedles, the common Pokemon with lucky eggs to earn lots of XP’s).


This led me to search purposefully for “insider tips” playing Pokemon Go:

  • Nickname Eevee before evolving to get the desired one (Jolteon – nickname it Sparky, Vaporeon – Rainer, Flareon – Pyro).

  • Calculate ivies to get most powerful Pokemon.

  • Walk in straight lines when hatching an egg, because that apparently is what counts.


If you haven’t realized already, I really made a big mistake here, not knowing the “rules” before playing the game, both literally and metaphorically. When this principle is applied to real life, it can really be powerful by boosting you vs some many others.

  • Researching the company/college/organization for which you are applying.

  • Knowing the “hidden rules” of the place in which you are about to be, both travel or at work.

  • Do a quick research on the guy to whom you’ll be talking.

  • Getting an awesome internship.


All of these will help you to develop a much more efficient strategy in approaching any situation. And trust me, people will be amazed on what you know, often followed by good perks. I’ve experienced it myself.


[vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”center” up=”2″ down=”0″][blockquote text=”Know your enemies and yourself, and in a hundred battles you shall not perish. – Sun Tzu” show_quote_icon=”yes”][vc_separator type=”transparent” position=”center” up=”3″ down=”0″]


Proofread by Anna Johnson.