Most people go to school, try to do well so they can go to a better college, and get a degree in college so they can get paid working a high income job.

At first sight, nothing is wrong with it.

But if we put it in the context of passive income vs active income, the “standard route” now becomes a satire.

An active income is earning by actively engaging. For example, being employed by companies or becoming self-employed . In other words, you trade your time and life for money.

Meanwhile, a passive income is earning regardless of engagement. For example, investing in stocks or owning a business that will run regardless of your presence. In other words, you trade money for money or build a system that will take money for you.

Here’s what gets crazy. 16 years of education is spent toward being qualified for getting that active income job (I am talking about people’s “realistic mindset” when they often relate the purpose of education to money). This means you have to first obey the norms and engage in practically useless standard education – slavery, just to get the seemingly acceptable qualifications to earn a paycheck – slavery, spend it on mindless consumerism – slavery, and do it all over again for a lifetime and immerse your children into the cycle.

A satire of people happily pursuing to be a part of the modern day slavery.

And, because that’s what most people choose, it’s much more competitive than, say, finding a way to establish passive income by, perhaps, creating an innovative way to solve a problem and adding values to a greater amount of society.

Whereas with passive income, it doesn’t require standard education, a degree, a specific age, energy and time, another irony. You just have to have a rational way to manage the money you earned (limit the liabilities you buy) and a creative way to utilize the money to make more (increase the assets you own).

You might ask, “How can I establish passive income without having first an active income to sustain the lifestyle and build a system that works? Through personal experience, a simple way is saving that birthday and holiday money, instead of spending it on mindless consumerism. That’s what I did, and now I am using the money to create a business that actually matters. Furthermore, find ways to build a source of passive income that has a low financial entry, such as creating informational products like books, guides, blogs, and a Youtube channel (it can become a passive income once you start generating profit and then outsource most of the work).

Now there’s nothing wrong with engaging in an active income job. In fact, you may need it in order to establish passive income along the way. But if that’s all you are relying on, it can really make you become vulnerable to any circumstances you can’t control, such as the 2008 global economic crisis when millions got laid off and 7% of Americans were unemployed. The point is to always try to generate resistance to outside factor and not be trolled by fate.


Proofread by Anna Johnson.