As a person with a hyper-curiosity of interests and activities, the time and energy I have to spend on growing my business is restricted.

In order to organize my life, I’ve compiled a list of things I am simultaneously doing:

School –

  1. Taking 4 AP classes and ISM (super labor-intensive)
  2. Self-studying for the October SAT
  3. Applying to colleges by November
  4. Applying to scholarships for college
  5. Driving test in November


Learn & Experience –

  1. Founder and CEO of Creaduh, in the process of starting another business Iconswear with Sasha Yakovlev (planning on doing a Kickstarter campaign next year)
  2. Attend TSoG lab every week (5-10 hours) to study the disciplines of engineering
  3. TSoG Outreach Team: build a rocket launchpad, and launch a weather balloon to space in the future and record videos, and educate kids on STEM.
  4. Building an EEG-controlled robot, modifying an EMG prosthetic hand
  5. 3D printing workshop host every month at Microsoft with Girl Scouts
  6. Guest speaking for YEA and Rotary Club
  7. Web developer for Kiki Wang and Huyu Art


Hobbies & Interest –

  1. In 7 clubs: DECA (competing), HOSA (competing), Travel, Korean Culture, Chess, STEM, and International Club
  2. Parkour every week
  3. Pianist at church
  4. Read articles and nonfictions
  5. This blog


These activities are all pretty much essential for me to do. The only way I see to solve it is to micro-control it: plan every day according to importance and urgency, and macro-control it: write an outline of  what event should be focused more each month, and push the progress forward every month.