My Adventure: Day 8/10 Day Freedom Plan
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My Adventure: Day 8/10 Day Freedom Plan

17 Sep My Adventure: Day 8/10 Day Freedom Plan

Day 8 Challenge: Like I said, today is a fun day. So I want you to go out and do something that you’ve wanted to do for a long time. Go out play, enjoy, and come back and write about what you did. Also, write about how you can make such adventures part of your new lifestyle.


Image result for frisco commons park

Today I actually went out and exercised for a few hours at the park.


  • Brisk walked 2 laps (~4km) around the park.
  • Felt great during and after, had moderate sweat.



  • Talked with one of my friend about being great at athletics and going to the gym doing exercises. Engaging conversation.
  • Spent time with my family.


Pokemon Go-wise:

  • Hatched one egg.
  • Filled up my bag (capacity 500) so throw away some items (razz berry and potion).
  • Caught two >1000 cp scythers.


How to do it again:

  • Have a set schedule with my family during weekends to stroll around the park, and hold each other accountable.
  • While at it, talk to them about the things happened during the week.
  • Alongside, gotta catch that Pokemon.



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