Find the Tribe: Day 6/10 Day Freedom Plan
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Find the Tribe: Day 6/10 Day Freedom Plan

15 Sep Find the Tribe: Day 6/10 Day Freedom Plan

Day 6 Challenge: Find 1 or 2 people who are living the kind of life you want to live, and whose tribe you’d love to be part of. Then write a short post about why you find them inspiring and the one question you would ask them if you met in real life.

I am really really really inspired by the nomadic and productive life of Pieter Levels and Regev Elya.

I admire Pieter Levels’ high-tech, location independent, serial entrepreneurship of starting 12 startups in 12 months with his awesome coding and web designing skills. In my head, I am like: “that’s so gonna be me and it’s gonna be so exciting.” Heck, this site was inspired by his:

I admire Regev Elya. He’s ultraminimal lifestyle – able to travel even without a backpack – paired with his badass personality makes me resonate with him and want to become someone like him.

If I can ask them a question when I meet them in real life, it’d be why do you do what you do, and how did you became who you are? If I understand the underlying process behind their brain, thoughts, and ideas, I would be able to take a share of their qualities, thus become someone that I’d admire.



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