Unlock Superpowers: Day 4/10 Day Freedom Plan
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Unlock Superpowers: Day 4/10 Day Freedom Plan

13 Sep Unlock Superpowers: Day 4/10 Day Freedom Plan

Day 4 Challenge: Hopefully, you have discovered at least one or two superpowers that you have. They could even be something that you didn’t know existed until now! I want you to write down what these are and how these superpowers will help you to realize your dream of living the freedom lifestyle.


I decided to write a list of ways that I enjoy and can earn an income out of it.


  1. Have the experiences, skills, and ideas to run a startup. Furthermore, I am particularly resourceful with outsourcing; this summer I earned around 92% profit doing around 15% of the work.
  2. Knows how to design/develop websites. I can help people create astonishing and user-friendly websites, and charge a lower fee for people to use my web host.
  3. Can play and teach piano. I can play piano for organizations, and use my existing network to find potential students.
  4. Can write and is more knowledgeable than the public of travel hacking. By growing this blog, I can both share my knowledge with the world  and make potential passive income through affiliate marketing and earn free perks doing product reviews.


Don't just follow your passion. Instead find an intersection of what excites you, what you are good at, and where the opportunity exists (with potential market demand).


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