Find Focus: Day 1/10 Day Freedom Plan
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Find Focus: Day 1/10 Day Freedom Plan

10 Sep Find Focus: Day 1/10 Day Freedom Plan

Day 1 Challenge: Take some time to think about your biggest challenges, then list down 2-3 of them and write a few lines about why you think they are holding you back from living a life of freedom.


To me, true freedom consists of 3 components: physical, mental, and spiritual freedom (which I’ve defined here). And corresponding to each freedom is something that’s holding me back.

Physical: the lack of hyperfocus in one area – which to me is to grow my business and achieve sufficient passive income. As a person with a hyper-curiosity of interests and activities, the time and energy I have to spend on growing my business is restricted. In order to organize my life, I’ve compiled a list of things I am simultaneously doing.

Mental: the lack of strong discipline. Discipline to me means the constant control of my mental attitude toward things (thus shaping my words, actions, and character), the ability to refrain from instant gratification (socialize, sleep, YouTube, unhealthy diets), and lack of daily routine (morning and night routines).

Spiritual: the lack of sense of fulfillment and peacefulness in life. I’ve been quite neurotic for the past year or so. With so many things going on, so many big decisions to make, and feeling self-conscious more than ever, the stress level for me went up quite rapidly. For the past year, I’ve suffered from constant insomnia, heartburn, and loss of appetite. I have begun to experience every negative side effects of these symptoms and is feeling out of control. Furthermore, I am the type of person that won’t feel satisfied unless I was productive that day, which leads to a greater lack of sleep, and I am drained to loop in this negative cycle. This is why I find relief in practicing Minimalism and consciously remind myself of finding joy out of every moment of what I am doing.



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